Web Development ShowReel – May 2015



It’s been a while since my last blog post, sorry guys, I’ve been busy. And these are not just empty words from a lazy person…or maybe they are, but anyway, to prove you that I was actually really really busy, here’s a Web Development ShowReel of my latest websites I published in the past few months. Enjoy!


Tight Club Athleticstightclub

This was a rad project, considering the massive amount of copy, sections and functionalities to integrate both in the Front and Back-end. No design from me, just pure development.




stevemooreSteve Moore

This guys is amazing and building his personal Portfolio was so much fun. His artwork is incredible and the goal of the website was to create a clean simple look to put under the spotlight his pictures. I think we did a great job. Also here, no design from me.




Home Run Movershrm

This guys are a force of nature. I’ve never seen a mover wearing nice shoes like them. Anyway, their website was interesting to build due to the curious split structure of the home page. It was funny experimenting with the delta scrolling the of the mouse wheel and tweak that smooth transition for the footer. Also here, no design from me.




cwenCanadian Women Economists Network

For this one I designed and developed everything from scratch. It was really interesting due to the fact that the client was completely missing a brand identity. I did a lot of research to create the proper guide line for the website. Go take a look and let me know what do you think about that sweet sweet logo.




getControl Blogcontrol

Control is a super cool startup based in Vancouver that is growing at the speed of light. Their brand is really solid but they were missing a full integration of their blog inside the main website. It was a nice challenge replicate the look and feel of the main website, but still trying to find an independent identity for the Blog section. Here was more design than development.




Well, that’s all folks! I hope you will enjoy looking at these website like I enjoyed building them.

A quick reminder also about my current project, a full Series of Tutorials for WordPress Beginner Developers. Go check my YouTube account and be sure to subscribe!

Thank you and happy coding!