“What is that **insert-whatever-you-want-here** you’re using?”

This is probably the number 1 question I get on every tutorial, video, tweet, or Facebook update I do. So, instead of repeating the same answer over and over again, I decided to compile this list of all the stuff I use daily.

The following list covers absolutely everything, from software to hardware, from coffee brand to favorite headphones. If you think something is missing, please, leave a comment below and I will update the list.



Operating System

For my day job, as Lead Developer at Ritual Music, I use MacOS.

At home, I mostly use Linux for software development, jumping between elementary OS and Pop!_OS as favorite distros.


Code Editor

My current favorite code editor is Sublime Text 3, but I’m having a lot of fun recently with Microsoft Visual Studio Code. During the WordPress 101 series, and the initial part of the Sunset Series, I was using Panic Coda, but with lack of updates and customization, I switched to Sublime.

Currently, I don’t have the need to use any IDE.



As a terminal, I use iTerm2 with ZSH and Oh My Zsh extension. I did a video on how to setup everything on Linux and the advantages of this configuration.


SQL Client

On MacOS, Sequel Pro is the obvious choice. On Linux, the lack of a proper SQL client alternative forced to do everything via Terminal, but then I decided to build one of my own called Sequeler. It’s still in early development, but if you want you can definitely check it out, and maybe contribute to the project.


UI/UX Design

Currently jumping between Sketch for UI design, and Affinity Designer for everything else, like banners, icons, thumbnails, etc.


Audio Recording/Editing

Presonus Studio One 3 is my favorite DAW right now. For quick and easy recording sessions, I use Open BroadCaster.


Video Recording/Editing

Final Cut Pro is my current video editor. For recording sessions, tutorials, screencasts, and Live Streaming, I use Open BroadCaster.


Digital Painting

I know I rarely do any Digital Painting on my Channel, but when I do, I like to use Krita and Clip Studio Paint (former Manga Studio).




This is a bit crazy, but I actually work on 4 different computers, based on what I’m currently doing. So, let me list those properly based on the type of usage:

  • 2015 MacBook Pro: Day job at Ritual Music
  • 2015 iMac 21″: Video/Audio Production, Tutorial recording, and Digital Painting
  • System76 Gazelle: Linux and personal software development
  • Custom HTPC: Linux testing and gaming via Steam


Video Recording


Audio Recording


Digital Painting



I have so many guitars that listing them would be a bit ridiculous, so let’s just say that my Fender Stratocaster is currently my favorite one. For speakers, I use the M-Audio since 2005 and I never had a single issue with them.



Ikea desk and chair are a must have, super cheap and easy to find. I can’t go on my day without a solid cup of Lavazza Espresso made with the DeLonghi Espresso machine.


Well, I guess it’s pretty much it, as usual, if you have any questions or you think I missed something, let me know in the comment section and I will update the list.