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Oh Wow, you’re actually checking this page!


Thank you so much for your interest, and because I don’t want to waste your time, let’s jump right into it.
I love making tutorials, and I’m amazed by all the positive feedback and requests I’m receiving everyday. I’m willing to push forward my Channel to produce more tutorials and increase the quality of my videos, but of course, all of this takes a lot of time and energy.

I want to maintain everything always FREE and accessible to everyone, and of course the gratitude and the amount of comments from subscribers and followers are the best rewards I can expect, but sometimes you need a bit more. If you really like what I’m doing and you would like to give something back, you have plenty of opportunities to do it, and it’s totally up to you.


So, here’s how you can support me


HostGator Discount

If you’re super confused by local hosts, server settings, and database configurations, fear no more. HostGator is the Hosting provider for you! Affordable, easy to use, and with all the options to scale your services based on your needs. Plus you can use the promo code “alecaddd” to get 25% discount from your hosting purchase.



Template Monster Discount

If you need to purchase a Template for your website, I suggest you to check Template Monster. Their repository is massive and the quality of their custom themes is impressive. Remember to use the promo code “alecaddd” to get 10% discount from your purchase. I will get a small revenue from it, and that’s great!

Template Monster



Amazon WishList

This is kind of a stretch, and I’m totally not expecting anything from you, I know that the products in these lists are not cheap and you don’t have to feel in anyway obligated or offended by this link. But I’m gonna leave this here, just in case a really rich user decides to be incredibly kind, and give me a massive boost!

Amazon WishList


Paypal Donation

And as usual, also this is totally up to you and your kindness. If you want to help me with a donation, you can use the safe and always reliable PayPal. You decide the amount and can be totally anonymous. Few bucks can make a huge different for a small content creator, and all the collected money will be used for the Channel!



If you can’t use the option, feel free to use the standard Donation Button


There’s nothing left to say other than a massive Thank You, even if you’re just reading this page, it means a lot to me. If you want, you can follow me on my social media accounts that you can find in the left sidebar.

Happy Coding!