Episode 32 – Everything about Laravel! Introduction to the Best PHP Framework

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3:49 VueJS surpasses React on GitHub stars
4:52 PHP 7.3 new features
8:56 The future of GitHub Atom after Microsoft acquisition
13:00 Intro to Laravel
15:14 What’s a PHP Framework
17:49 Why use Laravel instead of WordPress, Drupal, or other CMS
21:40 Laravel vs Ruby on Rails
24:42 What is Artisan?
26:38 What’s the skill level required to start using Laravel?
28:53 How hard is to create a new project in Laravel?
30:00 What can you do with PHP Artisan?
34:00 Laravel vs other PHP frameworks
37:52 Differences with .NET
42:43 How long it takes to master Laravel?
47:12 Best resources available to learn Laravel

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Episode 32 – Everything about Laravel! Introduction to the Best PHP Framework

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