Monstroid Review and Template Monster Discount Promo Code





Hello everyone, who wants a discount code for Template Monster for every theme ever? You? Also You? Yes, I got it for everyone, but first, let’s take a look at something technically amazing that those crazy devs from Template Monster recently released. I’m talking about Monstroid!


Your WordPress on Steroids

Building WordPress themes from scratch is amazing and totally rewarding, and I always recommend it (also form the fact that I did THIS series of Tutorials); but it’s not always easy, on the contrary, most of the time is long and frustrating, especially for a beginner developer that just need to get the work done. And that’s where Monstroid comes to help you. Let’s take a small step back, tho.

What do you usually do when you start building a WordPress theme, is thinking of all the features you need, other than the theme itself of course. So other than a blog you need maybe a cool, eye-catching landing page, then a nice comment system, then a good SEO implementation, or depending on the necessity of your project you should need an e-commerce fully integrated, some custom post types for your portfolio or different content, and if you wanna really push it forward, maybe a newsletter system and an advanced author/collaborator system.

All of this can be overwhelming and can delay the release of your website for months, especially if you don’t have the skills, or the time, to build everything from scratch, it’s always a shot in the dark using a third party plugin that you never know if it comes with a massive security hole or it’s not fully compatible with other plugins you’re already using.


Monstroid to the Rescue!

For all the reasons I listed before you should seriously consider using Monstroid. You can consider it a like a pre-assembled universal theme, capable of adapting to almost every situation. With Monstroid you can easily cover all the wide range of websites, from a simple single page blog, to a massive corporate e-commerce platform. The Cherry Framework, the main core of Monstroid, it’s just as sweet as its name, and the WYSIWYG functionalities are tremendously helpful.

The installation process is easy as eating a cherry pie (got it?), and the cherry on top of everything (yes, I did it again) is that with the purchase on Monstroid you get 24/7 lifetime support and lifetime updates. Who the hell does that? Pretty much no one, except for the people behind Template Monster. Take a look at this sweet video to check the easy installation process and the functionalities that most impressed me.



Download and Promo Code

So, if you’re still here it means that you really really want this Promo Code…there you go!




Use the code “Alecaddd” during your purchase to get 10% off of every theme inside the humongous repository of Template Monster.


So, what do you think guys? Are you gonna try it? Did you try it already? Have you slammed on that Promo Code enough to get all the discount you can?
Leave your comment below and something else really really magical could happen.