How to build a Premium Theme for WordPress



So, if you’re here probably it’s because you really really wanna now how to build a Premium Theme for WordPress. Well, good for you because this is the right place.

In this new series of tutorials we’re gonna go deeply into advanced WordPress functions to create a fully customized WordPress theme, with custom made Widgets and a styled Administration section crafted uniquely for our Theme. You can follow this series even if you’re a beginner, but if you have no idea how WordPress works from a developer point of view, I strongly suggest you to follow my previous series before jumping on this one.

Before starting we have to decide what to do, and because our goal is to create a Premium theme, we need a solid base to start our journey. That’s why I created Sunset, a custom WordPress theme made for blogging, perfect in every pixel and with the proper visual styling for us to use it in our tutorial.



Of course, like the entire code of the series that will be available on GitHub, also Sunset Theme is completely free and easy to download. If you want to help me grow my online visibility and support the creation of more amazing and free tutorials, please consider:

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If you don’t care about any of those actions, it’s ok. I’ll quietly cry in a corner while you download the theme 😥

Download Sunset Pack


I will keep this Download portal constantly open, and if you already completed some steps no worries, the system will recognize that automatically and you will be able to download the file as many time as you want. Also, in case of updates and implementations to the PSD file, the URL will be updated with the new file, for an easy access.

This blog post will be also constantly updated with video links and new information during the entire length of the entire series, so bookmark this page if you wanna keep an eye on future updates and juicy news.



That’s pretty much everything for now, so, while you download this PSD like crazy, I will go back into my cave to create new and amazing tutorials.

Happy Coding!