Get 25% OFF of Slides by DesignModo

Building web presentations are always painful and hardly fun.

If you want to impress, you’ll be forced to spend countless hours in adding animations, transitions, interactions, and be sure everything works perfectly on every browser. I just wish there was a service that allows me to quickly generate a prototype with a cool and slick layout. Well, there is actually.


This is Slides, by DesignModo, and it’s a super easy and straightforward service that allows you to create static landing pages, export the super clean HTML source code, and edit them with your favorite¬†editor to achieve the result you need.

I did a super quick video review of this really interesting online tool, definitely, check it out if you wanna learn more.


If you’re looking for the Promo Code, you’re definitely in the right place. Here’s your unique Promo Code to use during checkout, and get 25% OFF of your purchase of Slides.

PROMO CODE: alecaddd18


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