My Birthday in Seattle

Grunge, Punk, Rock & Roll and Skyscrapers, Seattle hits you harder than you can imagine with all its passion and messiness. Spending my Birthday in Seattle was a dream since I was 19, since I discovered that music’s branch that crept into my veins and slapped my face with a metal glove. Only one year ago I would never image something like that, but finally I was there, and all the words are useless. Seattle is a beating heart of art and music, dirty, nostalgic, euphoric and sad, Seattle was a dream, and I lived that dream on a very special day!

Photo walking in Vancouver

It’s almost a year that I moved to Vancouver and this city still impresses me every day. A simple walk turns out to be a wonderful sensitive experience with colours, sounds and perfumes that I’m still not use to. On a sunny Sunday we took a walk on West Georgia St, heading for Lost Lagoon, and in just few blocks we discovered a stunning neighbourhood where uncontaminated nature and skyscrapers blend perfectly together.