About me

Alessandro Castellani

Hello, I’m Alessandro

I’m a nerdy italian guy who lives in Vancouver since September 2013!


This is my past

aleI felt in love with computers when I was 7, now I’m a grown-up and I still love Pokemon..but this is another story! I’m a passionate Designer, an unimpeachable Developer and an unstoppable Dreamer (now you know why my site has three d’s at the end *sigh of wonder*). I’m always looking for the good side of life, I love to learn new things and if you want to make me happy, create a challenge for me.

I consider myself a unique skilled production machine and my ability to fits perfectly in huge team, or been able to cover the entire production process of pretty much every digital product, confirms this title. I don’t want to sound too cocky, but my skills and my experiences talk for me.

I started drawing in preschool, watching my father’s paintings with amazed eyes and with an impulsive desire of creating my own comic book. After attending a not so satisfying art school, I discovered at 18 the wonderful and exciting world of coding. I was so into programming, that I decided to built my own RPG play by chat in one night, just to learn PHP…and of course I did it.

I attended the European Institute of Design while working in pretty much every field with the “digital” in it. Graphic Designer, Video Editor, 3D Modeler, Sound Designer, Web Developer, Art Director and even Teacher of Visual Arts. In 5 years I experienced a lot and worked in multiple different reality, improving, learning, and increasing my knowledge.

After more then 10 years, I feel confident to say that my favorite field is the web, with the ability to space from simple web sites, to custom CMS and web application, mastering both front and back-end. Is not a case that at work they use to call me Code Ninja!


This is my present

Other than working like a steam clock, I love to entertain myself with different, and absolutely unrelated, activities, like drawing my own comics (Project EYE, Developer’s Life), play my super cool guitar, ride my Harley and keep my body in a good shape with Kung Fu.


What about my future?

Who knows, but if you wanna help me to shape it or if you need my skills to build yours, don’t hesitate to contact me, even for a quick chat or a virtual high five