Photo walking in Vancouver

It’s almost a year that I moved to Vancouver and this city still impresses me every day. A simple walk turns out to be a wonderful sensitive experience with colours, sounds and perfumes that I’m still not use to. On a sunny Sunday we took a walk on West Georgia St, heading for Lost Lagoon, and in just few blocks we discovered a stunning neighbourhood where uncontaminated nature and skyscrapers blend perfectly together.

How to create a shitty 2000s button in CSS3

We all like slick, simple and super clean design, but sometimes when it comes that kind of client, could happen that we’re forced to throw our skills into the trash bin and bend over at the immense power of money or the infinite emptiness of our client’s brain. Create a shitty 2000s button in CSS3, and bring back the web2.0 graphic style with the strength of a kick in the nuts.

Life changing decisions

Life changing decisions. How I’m going to handle my decision to moving to Canada, my future job, and my life in general?
I’ve never been a good storyteller because I always end up to ramble between different topics, and I can’t just focus on one argument if nothing practical is involved, like a tutorial or a product or a job. Just like now, I’m talking about nothing, so, it’s better to get started with something understandable.