Life changing decisions

How I’m going to handle my decision to move to Canada, my future job, and my life in general?

Well, this is awkward!

I’ve never been a good storyteller because I always end up to ramble between different topics, and I can’t just focus on one argument if nothing practical is involved, like a tutorial or a product or a job. Just like now, I’m talking about nothing, so, it’s better to get started with something understandable.

Hello folks, I’m Alessandro and welcome to my brand new site/blog or whatever it’ll become.

I’m gonna use this space for some nerdy tutorial or reviews about what I like most, and sometimes I’m gonna talk about nothing, just for the pleasure to write something down, just like now.

I’m also gonna use this site like an english training, trying to improve my knowledge and my grammar skills, not just for hobby, but for a specific purpose.



canada flag


This is my life changing decision. I’m sick of my town, I’m sick of my country and I’m sick of my life, so, I’m gonna change it.

Stay tuned if you want to know if I’ll survive to the rigid winter, and how I’m going to handle the different life style.

See ya!


  • Lio

    Anche se ormai sono anni che sei qui …. benvenuto in Canada!
    Io sono scappata quasi 18 anni fa e, nonostante resti italiana nel cuore, non tornerei in Italia.
    Non farai mai i tuoi tutorials anche in italiano? li ho scoperti da poco e mi incantano, ma li preferirei comunque in italiano…
    Colpa dell’età, per i miei figli è stato differente ma per me ….
    Sto cercando di rifare il mio sito e renderlo responsive e cercando di capire come creare i custom post type ti ho trovato 😀
    Spero di arrivarci seguendo i tuoi consigli quindi GRAZIE!!!