How I got hired thanks to my blog

Are you a Web Developer and you can’t find a job, or you’re thinking to change? Well, maybe this blog post can help you!

If you don’t know me here’s a little recap of my life during the past few years.

I’m Alessandro, or Alex, I’m an Italian web developer currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Before moving to Canada my life pretty much sucked. It was boring, without future nor expectations, an infinite loop of crap and bad situations. I decided to move to Canada to try to improve my life and make new experiences.

The first general reaction from friends and family was “But do you already have a job or at least some interviews?”, and everyone used to freak out at my NO as the answer. I didn’t have a job when I moved to Canada, I didn’t have job interviews and I didn’t know anything about the Canadian work environment, but I was confident and I knew what to do.

Long story short, now I’m living my second year in Vancouver, I changed 2 jobs, my first job interview was 16 hours after my flight landed, I got hired after 4 days I was here and I wasn’t even searching for another job when a company contacted me thru the Contact form of my About page.



I’m a good developer, not a genius, but I consider myself slightly above average and my english sucks balls, so…how do I succeeded with this crazy adventure? My Blog did Everything for Me! How do I know that? During both job interviews my blog was loaded on their screen and they where legitimately interested in my posts and source codes.

Of course I was also very lucky, right time at the right place, and I don’t think it exists a sort of magic formula that works for everyone, but I decided to analyze my situation and I ended up with a list of 5 points that I think I did right. So, there you go:


Use your face and, in the name of  the almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster, stop using “PussySmasher85” as your nickname or email address.

IMG_20140722_190041This sounds like a stupid advice, but it’s actually pretty rare to find someone that uses an actual picture or a real name on their blog, social media, or email address. I simply thought “If someone wants to hire me, probably will do a research about me, so better be prepared”. Remove the picture of your cat, your flexed abs or that sweet and sexy Lego X-Wing, and put your face on the web. Use your real name, or at least a serious nickname, easy to remember, that sounds like your real name. I chose Alecaddd, Alessandro Castellani Designer Developer Dreamer. It could sound silly, but it’s easy to remember, it carries the first 3 letters of my name and it’s unique. Jackpot!


Unify your social media accounts and clean the garbage.

If you’re like me and you like to buzz around Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Instagram and other Social network, I strongly suggest you to unify those accounts, use the same nickname, or at least something similar, and clean your garbage. If your Twitter account is public, you shouldn’t complain about your current boss on it, or make fun of a coworker or anything else work related. Remember, you get a job interview if the employer already decided that you’re a good candidate, and if your Social Media Reputation sucks, for him, you suck, and you don’t deserve a chance.


Open a blog, write interesting blog posts and keep it alive.

If you already have a Blog, it shouldn’t be a black hole with the last post published in 2000 to celebrated the defeat of the Millennium Bug. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to write something new every week, my blog gets and update once every 2 months, average, sometimes even less, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is the content and an update once in a while. Write about something you like but more important, something work related. If you wanna be a Web Developer, at least one every 3 blog posts should be about web. Show them that you know your shit and you’re always updated on the last trends.


Create Tutorials and share some Source Code

Help the community, show your future Employer that you care about other people, that you’re willing to share your knowledge and you’re not afraid of publishing your code. You will appear confident about your skills and your user base will increase. You can have the most interesting articles in the world, but if you have zero comments on every post, there’s something wrong and your Employer won’t be impressed.


Answer every comment and build your audience

Please, dude, show me that you’re alive and not a bot writing articles. If a user asks for you help, you answer and you be sure to be damn good with your answer. We know how it’s hard to gain audience and convince a user to leave a comment on our blog, so if someone did it, don’t lose it because you were to lazy to answer. Keep your comment section active, create interaction, always say Thank You and build your audience. Active Blog = Active Developer = Good Employee!


Fuck Yeah! by @jlwoodwork


Well, I think that’s everything for today and I hope these super simple suggestions will help someone out there.

And what about you? Do you have a personal experience to share related to your work and internet presence? Do you have other suggestions? I would love to hear your opinion.

Good luck!


  • pushpan999

    Hey Alex,

    I’ve been following you in Youtube. Read your articles, they all seems to be really helpful to newbie like me. You have really excellent video tutorials in YouTube in different topics like WordPress, Sass, code editor (brackets) etc. My only advise to you is -“stop saying that your English sucks”…Man that really disappoints to English speaker like me (I’m from Nepal)…It makes me feel like “Alex is really good in English still he says his English is poor, then where do I stand?” :)…Look I’m serious here 🙂

    About the topic “How I got hired thanks to my blog”, I think, have you had covered about the portfolio , it might have been even more better. I was Recruitment officer in IT company (later I decided to transform myself as a designer). To my experience the most important factor is the work you have done in the past. Writing a blog is skill and I doubt if all those genius developers/programmers at microsoft and google know how to write a blogs. I think one should be really serious about updating their portfolio (work done) in personal site/blog or social pages. For some one who is fresher I suggest them to do a dummy project, at least that may give an impression to the employer that you have a required skills….

    • Hey man, thank you so much for this amazing comment.
      I know, I should stop complaining about my English. Actually as for today, I’m way better than the time I wrote this article. I still struggle sometimes, and I think every non-native English speaker can relate to it.
      This is not our native language, and as good as we can get, we will never have the confidence and fluency of our primary language, and that sucks a little bit. Some days I’m really tired, or sick, or maybe my head is full of thoughts and I have to remember to do lot of things, and that affects my English. Anyway these are really first world problems, and you’re right, I shouldn’t complaint at all 😀

      About this blog post, you’re definitely right, the Portfolio is the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER! I didn’t mention it because I kinda give it for granted, and could happen sometimes, that even if you have a good Portfolio, you don’t have as many offers as you should get, so this Blog Post is more about what can you do more, other than having a good and updated Portfolio.

      Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me, and thank you for following my Tutorials.
      Happy Coding!

  • om123321

    woooow man . great post like every time .take a look at my site :
    it’s really bad . i did n’t even design a theme for it . people like me will never get hired .but after reading this post will do my best . also i want to ask you if you have some themes on themeforest ?. i mean you are a great wordpress developer and u can make good Sales very easy .right ?

    • Hi, thank you so much for your comment!
      I’m glad you found new inspiration to work on your site. If you put love, time and dedication, everything will come back to you doubled.
      I don’t have any themes on themeforest, or other websites like that. I don’t have much time to build custom theme to sell, and when I do it, I prefer to use them as tutorial material for other users.
      I hope to see your new shiny website soon.

  • Walid Omonos

    The blank space on the side is intentional ? if not , add this to your stylesheet –

    .col-md-10.col-sm-12.article-area {
    width: 100%;


    • Yes, the blank space is intentional.
      I always liked a left aligned interface not at 100%

      • Walid Omonos

        Wierd but okay.

        • The world is beautiful because it’s weird and different 😛

          • Walid Omonos

            I SEE .